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Building Better Broadband

Jeremy Austin, Delta Junction

I gave a presentation on hybrid wireless and fiber networks at the Saturday December 2 Building Better Broadband workshop at University of Alaska Fairbanks, hosted by Alaska District 4 Representative David Guttenberg. I focused on how fixed wireless is solving problems in the last mile. I presented newly collated statistics on the state of wireless in Alaska. Fiber companies are adding wireless; wireless companies are adding fiber, in a great convergence. 

There were excellent conversations with industry representatives and advocates, presentations from municipal co-ops in the Lower 48, as well as lots of Q&A with underserved customers. 

The Fairbanks newspaper covered the event.

The workshop was recorded, but cut off at 4 pm — and we ran much later. I enjoyed sharing about how myself and others around the state have solved challenges to bring fast broadband to Alaskans. Let's keep the conversation alive.

Jeremy Austin