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Moonrise over Mt Hayes

Moonrise over Mt Hayes


About Us

network engineering and services

Heritage NetWorks is a leader in engineering for rural Alaskan networks. Check out some of our services.

It all started when...

Starting with copper PSTN and DSL networks in the late '90s, adding data center, microwave, fixed wireless and fiber expertise, Heritage NetWorks founders and staff have a long history of Getting Stuff Done.

In rural Alaska, if you and your neighbors can't do it, it's a long way to go for outside help.

it really is a series of tubes

Heritage NetWorks, LLC became the newest subsidiary of The Heritage Group in 2015. This move has improved our lead times on construction, added human and engineering resources as well as advisory expertise.

in it for the long haul

Whether it's a small consulting job or a multi-year construction project, Heritage has what it takes for delivery on time and on budget.

positioned for rapid growth

Heritage NetWorks and its affiliates have handled both steady progress since the start of the century and especially rapid growth since 2014. Contact us to come along for the ride.